Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheese crusted chicken with raw sauce

This is a Rachael Ray concoction.  I'm using it mostly as my inspiration for tonight's dinner as I don't exactly have all the ingredients on hand.

This essentially a breaded chicken cutlet.  That each chicken breast half will be butterflied and pounded out to about .25 inch.  Then it gets breaded in the usual fashion...flour so the egg will stick, egg so the bread crumb will stick, and finally bread crumb...which in this case is half cheese.  Yum!

The raw sauce is basically halved grape tomatoes and slivered red onion.  It should have fresh herbs, as well, but I don't have any.  And Josh doesn't like his food too herb-y anyway.  This sauce tops the chicken cutlet.

I think what I will do is add the tomato/onion to some "shredded" red leave lettuce and toss it with my balsamic vinaigrette.   I think that will be delish.

We will have sauteed green beans on the side.

This is dinner at the Saxes.  What are you having?

happy cooking