Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Date Night--September 17, 2014

I bet you thought I'd forgotten how to post a Date Night post.  Well, I didn't.  And I think I did a pretty good, (not great, mind you, but pretty good) job of documenting it.

Appetizers and Cocktails

Quesadikllas.  And Josh made Martinis  From his new Bar Cabinet.  They were good. I didn't take a picture.  Probably because it wasn't "new" in the kitchen.  He's been doing that all along.  Granted, he's more than thrilled to not be doing it in the bathroom. :-)


Chicken Cordon Bleu.  This was a little splurge-y at 8 points.  But it was  good.

I also made a Knorr rice/pasta side.  Not worth the points, but the man seemed to like.  And also green beans.  I cooked the beans to Josh's liking (I prefer them a shade under done...I mean a little crunchy, not mushy at all.)

Plate photographed in the kitchen. On the granite.  Isn't it pretty?

Dessert was a canolli for Josh and a Fiber One Oatmeal cookie for me.  I may have some apple sauce, too.

That concludes this Date Night post.

Next week, Josh is working.  Date Night will be all me.  And maybe a touch fancier as we will be celebrating new employment.

kristen out

happy cooking