Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kitchen Remodel--Days 47-49

I know, I've been lax about posting.  I have a really good reason though...I've been COOKING!!!  In my new kitchen.  Rather than dream about what I'll have or complain about the slowness of this project, I was actually using my kitchen.

Cool, right?

Anyway, here are the pictures...
First meal I ate on real dishes in 2.5 months.  I have a dishwasher!!!!!

Making breakfast for my man and myself on my new cook top!!!!!

You can see my new faucet and evidence that it works well in the pile of clean pots and pans drying.  For the things that don't get washed by hand, my new dishwasher handles that!

You can see my ovens lurking in the background and my new cook top in the middle.

These last two pics I took mostly to show off my new handles.  Aren't they pretty. Here's a more detailed picture.  I think they look like they belong in my kitchen.

Now having these cabinets that reach the ceiling is great.  I have lots of room to store seldom used items. Like my good china.

Now moving the china out of the liquor/china cabinet has freed up enough space to make that piece of furniture a dedicated liquor cabinet.  A BAR cabinet if you will.

The morning light casts a halo on the cabinet.  We really don't revere our spirits quite that much. :-)
So this brings you up to speed on the kitchen to date.  Still to come...shelves and wine rack installed.  That should happen this week as the giver of those items is coming to dinner on Saturday.  Hopefully next week, the correct hood will arrive and be installed.  After that comes finish trim work, the back splash and the inspection.

I'll keep you posted!