Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kitchen Remodel--Day 44

Big things happened today!

 Oven and Dishwasher found their forever homes!  Wine rack got hung but needs the shelves to be totally functional.  Sink cabinet got repaired and floor was added.

Let's go to the pics....

Dishwasher.  She'll e be prettier without the plastic and bolted into to the counter.

Oven.  I ordered this oven from a computer screen...there wasn't one on the floor, so we were a little surprised to see that it isn't flush with the cabinets. In this picture that doesn't seem like such a problem to me.

Isn't she pretty?  She'll be prettier still filled with bottles of wine.  Thanks Aunt Kate!

This is the floor to my sink cabinet. They left a bucket of parts for other parts of the kitchen in it, but now I can move my cleaning supplies out of the bath tub!

This last picture is very exciting to me.  It's my cook top.  The oven and the dishwasher are not completely hooked up.  That will happen on Thursday.  But when my counters are installed on Wednesday, I should be able to use this appliance immediately.  I won't because I won't have a faucet in my new sink until Thursday...

Pretty new cook top. I wonder where your grates are?
So this brings you up to speed on my kitchen project.  Tonight will be the last (I hope) Date Night that has to happen completely on the grill.  Don't get me wrong...I love my grill.  It's just that it's rainy today...