Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kitchen Remodel--Day 42

That's right...day 42 means six weeks in and far from done!  Okay, not really "far" but I don't have a working kitchen nor do I have cleanable, fully livable home/ I predict (or at least I hope) that by week's end it will be mostly done.

Day 42 was about the rough plumbing and electrical.  "Rough?", you say incredulously.  "Hasn't your kitchen already been painted?  Don't you have cabinets?" Yes and yes.  But it was the rough stuff that was done.

I now have a plumbing connections for the dishwasher and ice maker.  Do I have those things yet?  No. That will happen Wednesday with my counter installation. (Counters!!!!)

More exciting though is the roughed in electrical for my ovens.  They will be installed Tuesday.  I'm also hopeful that my wine rack and open shelves will also by hung.  And maybe my can lights.  After all, the electrician will be here.

So here's the pics:

Place for the new conduit in the garage.  

Conduit in the upstairs funny triangle closed.
Now, I added a comment to my last post about my hood.  It was wrong.  Wrong style, wrong color, wrong size.  That has added another 2 weeks (at least) to a project that could be done this week.  This next picture really feels like a step back.

Place where the hood was but is no more.
That brings you up to speed on the kitchen.

I am hopeful that I will be able to post great Date Night pictures on Wednesday...should have a workable stove, oven an dishwasher.  You have no idea how much I'd like to eat with really silverware on real plates and drink out of a real glass!