Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Day After

So here we are on Tuesday. The day after, if you will.

We finished everything that I had planned.  By  3:00!  Last knife was washed; last cutting board put away.  It was great.

So what have I done today?  Slept.  A lot.

But as I am slowly waking up again, my Date Night plan for tomorrow is coming together in my head.

What's Date Night you ask?  And why capitalized?

I prepare one at home date each week.  That means, I prepare an appetizer, cocktail, dinner, and dessert.  All the things you might have in a restaurant.  And yes, some of it was prepared yesterday.

Dinner tonight is the meatloaf I made yesterday and some kind of veggie.  Maybe peas, maybe corn.  Don't really know.

Kristen out.

happy cooking.