Thursday, June 5, 2014

NEW Kitchen

Please don't take my quietude (not really a word, but it should be) to mean that I've stopped cooking.

It's really just the opposite.  I've just not taken the time to blog about what I've been making.  Let me tell you what's been happening over the last 3 months.  Too much, really, I'll just sum up.

I've been planning a kitchen remodel!  I mean a whole Kitchen remodel.  Kitchen with a capital K.  Floor to  ceiling, appliances to cabinets and counters, too.  It's overwhelming to say the least.

But I've had help.  Not exactly from the Love of My Life (loml) (he does help when I can give him choices) but from my parents who came out to help me with just this endeavor and my "team" at Lowes.  They've been great!

This is the basic idea.  Not the cabinet style, but the color. I describe the color as whiskey.  It's not red, it's not honey, nor is it chocolate or ebony. It's really just brown. But it's a warm, comforting brown.  Maybe it "feels" like whiskey more than it looks like it.

Now the floor I love.  That's one tile you see here.  They interlock kind of Leggos do.  The grout will match the "grout" in the tile.  Thank you Dave (my project manager at Lowes) for anticipating that desire. I love this floor.  I mean LOVE it.  Right now my floor is too small white tiles with what started as light grout, but by now looks like the "grout" in this tile.  This will be a dream to clean (or at least keep clean looking!).

My appliances are all stainless.  There will be minimal paint and much backsplash.

Since a picture is worth thousand words, I'll be posing pictures as the project moves forward.  Right now there's not much to see.  I've started to clean out my cabinets. Not really picture worthy.

On that topic, however, if you need any odd or super specialized cooking gadgets, let me know.  I don't have enough stuff to have a garage sale, but I do have some good things that I used once and then never again.  So they're all in great condition!

That's all I have right now on this topic.

Ooooh!  The cabinet hardware should be arriving first.  Soon actually.  Here's a pic.