Thursday, June 5, 2014

Freezer Cooking Day

It rained pretty much all day yesterday.  I knew it was going to and planned for it.  I cooked.  All day long.

I made 6 different recipes. 7 if you include my pasta sauce, which you should since not only did  I freeze some of it but, I used it in at leats two of the recipes.  Because most of the recipes were divided into 2 pans, my husband says I prepared 14 meals yesterday.

The picture of my freezer is just so you can see all the foil crammed in.  The tomato sauce and the chili are in zip-top bags. Please don't judge me by the other contents. The picture of the recipes is, well, it's what it is.  I also made a recipe from my iPad (Bruschetta Chicken).

The majority of the new foiled items is for the in-laws.  One of the perks of my new kitchen (see earlier post) is that this freezer will move to the gargage.  There it will pretty much only house foiled-covered make-ahead meals.  I do like to have one or two meals like this at the ready for easy meals after busy days.

So I'm still tired from my whirlwind day of cooking.  It's not so much the cooking that wears me out, it's the cleaning up after wards. It's all done, though and my kitchen look as good as it can.

That's all the news from me and my kitchen.

happy cooking