Friday, June 27, 2014

Kitchen Remodel--I have seen the cabinets

Sometimes life seems to go in slow motion, and other times it's moving at break-neck speed.

And there's the hurry up an wait times.

Right now this project has me feeling all those ways.

But, my project manager from Lowes and the lead guy on my project from the GC came this morning and opened all the boxes to make sure everything looked to be right.  And me, being me, hung around snapping pics.

Here they are:

Upper cabinet

Lower bank  of drawers

:Lower bank of drawers.  I have a third one that will house my cook top--that means the top drawer is fake/

Wine Rack!  This will actually be hung vertically with some open shelves next to it for my cookbooks.

I also saw my pantry cabinet.  I love, Love, LOVE it.  Floor to ceiling with roll our shelves. Just like Gramma used to have.