Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sausage gravy or meat sauce?

What was intended as one thing snowballed into another.  Why?  Mostly, I think, because I was shopping while hungry.

I went into a local market to get Fat Free Half and Half.  (My super-fabulous market doesn't carry the half-gallon size.)  $20 later I came out with more Italian sausage and ground beef.

I had to go to a second local market (honestly, other end of the same strip center) to get ice cream.  Again, $20 later I came out with a focaccia (which was already stale, as it turns out) and a host of junk food things for my lunch.  Okay, not entirely junk food...there were peppers and onion with the cheese and Doritos.

So when it came time to make the gravy, I dug some bacon out of the freezer, used all of the sausage, the ground beef, and just for good measure, I threw in a flank steak.  After 2 hours in the pot with tomatoes and wine, the flank steak shredded beautifully.

All in all Josh was thrilled.  It's not really my cup of tea (or gravy), but I cook for the man that loves me.  He has 4 lunches out of it (one today, 2 tomorrow...he's working a late shift, and one for the weekend).  There's also a container of sauce in the freezer.

Dinner here tonight is pizza.  What are you cooking?

happy cooking