Friday, December 9, 2011

Crazy Cooking

So I am about to continue my cooking for  Sunday's Pioneer Luncheon.

Okay, so far I've only toasted the pecans for the ham glaze.  That's something!  It still counts. 

I need to finish the glaze this afternoon.  Apple cider, bourbon...yum.  Crushed toasted pecans, molasses, dry mustard.  YUM!  I've done this's really good.

Tomorrow, after FS, I have to make Moroccan Spiced apples.  Small dice; tossed in EVOO and baked for 10 minutes and then tossed with this yummy spice mixture, and baked again.

I will also make my Flourless Chocolate Cake tomorrow.  Good thing I got my WT done today. Yay Josh for that one!

Sunday, I will rush home after the meeting to bring my oven up to 425 in order to bake the ham. (It's really just a matter of warming it.  It's fully cooked and spiral cut...and I got it for $.99 a lb!  WOOOHOOO!)  While the degrees are warming, I will press the glaze all over the ham and line the platter with the kale that I purchased on Wed.

Maybe I will warm the apples. Probably I'll let MC do that at her place.

Now, my only dilemma is whether to bake the ham cut side down or not.  Any thoughts?

happy cooking