Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Dinner--post 1

So I'm having the family (Josh's--mine lives in SC) for dinner on January 1, 2012.

We will be having turkey with all the fixin's.   Okay, maybe not ALL the fixin's.  Just the ones I really like!

What are they, you ask?  First and foremost is cranberry sauce.  In fact this cranberry sauce.  I know, it has more cherries than cranberries...but it is oh-so-yummy.

And I can make it advance.  Like today.  I think I will.

The rest of the meal is stuffing (maybe boxed, maybe not--haven't decided), green beans, and the star is the turkey.  I saw Michael Symon (on the Chew) prepare it in a very unique way.  You soak cheese cloth in this wonderful butter/herb/stock/lemon potion and cover the breast with a double layer of the cloth.  No need to open the oven for basting.  When your bird is cooked you will be rewarded with a perfectly golden skin.  Woohoo!

Now I have to see how much Madeira I have (subbing for Marsala) for cranberry sauce.

Dinner tonight is sausage/pepper/onion baked rigatoni.  How 'bout you?

happy cooking