Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kitchen Remodel--Almost Done

Moldings and trimwork and hinge clips.

It's been long time for these poor carpenters.  They thought they were done and hour ago, but fixing my oven cabinet was bigger deal than they expected.  The oven was never completely installed.

It is now.  I love these new contractors!!!

Here are the pictures...

Do you see that strip of stainless steel below the oven door?  That was never installed.  It is now!  Yay!

These two pictures are to show the scribe molding.  This is not actually exciting.  Except that our walls are far from plumb so we needed the extra trim to hide that.

You can also see that the base board has been reattached.

What's left, you'd like to know?

The contractor is coming on  Monday to finish the duct work for my vent.  I hope he brings an electrician to finish hooking the vent up.

And there is painting that still needs to be done.

Woohoo and Yippee and Yay!!!!