Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I haven't stopped cooking...or End of Summer Ecaudoran Cocktail Party

In fact, I've been doing quite a lot of just for my cocktail party, either.

I'll break this up into multiple posts.

Cocktail Party first.

We have friends who have been "need-greating" in Ecuador for about 8 years.  They had a baby a little more than a year ago.  They come back to the states a couple times a year to make money.  We try to do as much as we can with them while their here.  There are many pulls for their attention, so we don't get much.  A cocktail party with some of their friends and family seemed like a good idea.

I'll let the pictures explain what I made:

These are caprese bites--half  cherry tomato, one small balls of mozzarella, (bocacinni), the other tomato half, and a basil leaf.


This is may most basic and size appropriate antipasto  tray ever. No leftovers (okay, I sent them home with my guests).


 Deviled eggs.  I don't love 'em; Josh does.  Still looking for recipe.  These were only okay.

Pineapple and raspberries.

 Finally the beehive cake.  There was lemon and honey in the batter.  The drizzle over the top was honey and confectioners sugar.  So yummy.  The bee was not edible.  It was a push pin that I had made approximately 12 years ago.

This ends my photo essay of my cocktail party.  Josh handle the drinks.

I'll try to post more tomorrow.

happy cooking!