Friday, September 21, 2012

My house smells cozy!

All day long on Monday my house smelled cozy!  Why? you wonder.

I made chicken stock.  From scratch.  My local market had whole chickens for $.99/lb.  So I bought 2, a bag of celery, a sack of carrots and a couple onions. I already had garlic and a whole mess of herbs from my garden plus whole peppercorns.

I tied my herbs together to make a bouquet garni, cut my garlic and onions in half (papery skin in tact), submerged the whole mess in water and put the pots on to simmer.  For two hours.

Then I let everything cool in the pots.  I removed the veggies (they were trash...they'd given their lives to the cause), the chicken (which was falling off the bone), and strained the stock through cheese cloth.

I put up 4.5 quarts.

Now what did I do with all that chicken?

I made chicken noodle soup on Monday night.  We won't talk about how the whole box of little stars sucked up all the liquid and made it more like chicken flavored porridge.

I made buffalo chicken sammies.  Very easy: 4T butter and 3/4 c of your favorite hot sauce (we used Franks).

After I finished the stock I made banana bread.  The cozy smells just kept coming.

Today I made chicken salad.